2016 Microfinance in the Round

Meet the Experts & Entrepreneurs

Attendees of the 2016 San Diego Microfinance Alliance Summit were able to meet local microfinance practitioners and academic experts, and hear directly from entrepreneurs who have benefited from access to capital through local and international microfinance programs. Roundtable discussions focused on topics such as emerging trends in the industry,  programmatic approaches to lending decisions, and how to compete for positions at microfinance institutions.


Rough Draft Brewing Company

8830 Rehco Rd, Suite D, San Diego, CA | 858-453-7238         www.roughdraftbrew.com

Red Sambusas and Catering

www.redsambusas.com  |  619-245-7946

The Thai Burger Company

3520 Ashford Street, Suite A1, Oceanside, CA | Food Truck

Sivilotti´s Homestyle Cooking

292 Cypress Avenue, Suite D, El Cajon, CA|  619-213-4105

PCI’s Women Empowered Jewelry Group

Chicanista Boutique

Olmeca Roots

Purses by Lourdes Marquez | Jewelry & Purses – made of recycled materials

contact: lourdes.marquez@live.com


Jobs in Microfinance

Presenters: Peg Ross, VP, Global Human Resources & Organization Development, PCI; Susan Lamping, VP Community Lending, CDC Small Business Finance; and Annik Prasad, Business Development Officer, CDC Small Business Finance

Experience the Mircoloan Process

Presenters: Rebecca Harver, Accion Loan Officer; Maria Montano, Accion Senior Loan Officer

Landscape of Mircofinance: Local, Cross-Boarder, Global

Presenters: Mabel Bejarano, U.S. & Border Programs, Project Concern International, Elisa Sabatini, Executive Director, Via International, Alka Subramanian, Executive Director, Power of Love Foundation, Moderator: Sarah Emerson, Project Concern International, Global

Approaches to Financial Empowerment: Savings, Credit, Insurance

Presenter: Rawan Elhalaby, Asset Building Programs Manager, and Rashid Essa, Financial Education Supervisor, with the International Rescue Committee in San Diego

Emerging Trends in Microfinance

Presenters: Jean Fort, Vice President, Programs and Partnerships, Women’s Empowerment International; Robert Gailey, Director, Center for International Development and Professor, Fermanian School of Business, Point Loma Nazarene University; and, Craig McIntosh, Director, Policy Design and Evaluation Lab and Professor of Economics, School of Global Policy and Strategy, University of California, San Diego

Client Impact Stories

Presenters: Roxana Rodriguez, Olmeca Roots, International Rescue Committee Client ; Nelson Pizarro, EcoStatic, Inc., Accion Client, Lilia Sivilotti, a Women Empowered PCI Client; Moderated by Jessica Rossier, Program Manager, PCI Women Empowered Initiative



Los Tito’s Mexican Food

www.lostitosmex.com  |  619-475-2160

Red Sambusas and Catering

www.redsambusas.com  |  619-245-7946


Promoting Fairness and Transparency to Empower Microfinance Entrepreneurs

The 2015 San Diego Microfinance Summit brought together leading microfinance practitioners to discuss best practices surrounding the topic of client protection and client advocacy. Alex Rizzi, the Deputy Director at Smart Campaign shared valuable insights about how the principles of The Smart Campaign are being adopted by microfinance organizations around the globe to benefit entrepreneurs. The expert panel discussion gave event participants greater opportunity to understand the power of prioritizing the needs of those who benefit from microfinance-related products and services.


  • Alex Rizzi – keynote
    Deputy Director, The Smart Campaign
  • Valery Belloso – panelist
    Chief Business Development and Strategy Officer
    ACCION San Diego
  • Craig McIntosh – panelist
    Professor of Economics
    Graduate School of International Relations and Pacific Studies
    University of California, San Diego
  • Dennis Mello – panelist
    Global Program Officer, Women Powered Initiative
  • Kasra Movahedi – panelist
    Technical Advisor for Empowerment Programs
    International Rescue Committee
  • Stephen Conroy, Ph.D. – panel moderator
    Professor of Economics
    Faculty Director, Center for Peace and Commerce
    University of San Diego