2017 Microfinance in the Round


Wednesday, April 19, 2017 | 4PM – 7PM

  • DIGITAL GYM CINEMA | 2921 El Cajon Boulevard – San Diego, CA 92104


  • Red Sambusas | (619) 245-7946 |  East African Food – various famers’ markets
  • Thai Burger | (760) 672-2841 |  3250 Ashford St, Ste A1, San Diego CA 92111
  • Lilia Sivilotti | (619) 787-8965 | 292 W Cypress Ave., Apt. D, El Cajon, CA 92020
  • ShawneBaby | Arts & Crafts |  shawnebaby99@gmail.com
  • Lourdes Marquez | Jewelry & Purses | lourdes.marquez@live.com
  • Frida’s Butterfly Products | Handcrafted bags | mariposasdefrida@gmail.com
  • NEKI | (619) 205-9513 Crochet items, jewelry, invitation and album collages 


  • Landscape of Microfinance: Local, Cross Border and Global
    • Panelists will highlight environmental factors unique to communities from three micro finance perspectives: local, cross border, and global. Discussions will illustrate the importance of social networks and of building trust to deliver a rich set of learnings. Participants will
    • Understand how a well-designed program that incorporates specific community needs and assets, can lead to social empowerment. Leading practices in integrated empowerment approaches – bringing together both financial and social aspects – will be explored.
    • Rosalinda Delgado |  Lead Business Development Officer, Accion San Diego 
    • Carolyn Kenney | Program Manager, Women Empowered Initiative, Project Concern International
    • Paige Bradley |  Executive Director, Women’s Empowerment International
    • MODERATOR |   Alka Subramanian | Executive Director, Power of Love Foundation

  • How to Get a Job in the Microfinance Industry? 
    • Join our practitioners while we discuss how to secure employment in the field of Microfinance. The panel will be represented by two experienced specialists. Learn how we all got started, how we grew our careers, and how to break into the field now. We will discuss the value of volunteering, informational interviews, making connections, staying connected, and getting your first job in microfinance. We’ll give you resource ideas of organizations and groups that can help you in your search, and point you in the right direction.
    • Susan Lamping | VP Sales, CDC Small Business Finance
    • James Toomey | Finance and Marketing SpecialistCDC Small Business Finance

  • Economic Empowerment Through Integrated Financial Services
    • IRC economic development program staff will discuss the barriers borrowers face to financial wellbeing and the importance of embracing holistic solutions to multifaceted economic problems. The IRC in San Diego serves families who have immigrated from over 20 countries, 78% of whom have been in the country less than 2 years. Upon arrival, many families are faced with the prospect of needing to access capital but have limited income, savings, and credit history, and are therefore “too risky” to access a loan. When seeking to use microfinance as a tool to address poverty for low-income families, the IRC has found it imperative to integrate financial access with trainings, mentoring, and peripheral supportive services.
    • Andrea Sorce | Asset Building Program Manager, International Rescue Committee
    • Bryndan Stueve | Microenterprise Program Supervisor, International Rescue Committee

  • Avoiding Over-Indebtedness Among Microfinance Borrowers
  • Emerging Trends in Microfinance

Hear from Microfinance Clients About Impact 

Microfinance clients from three local microfinance programs will share their insights on the process of building their businesses, and how the programs have created economic opportunity for themselves and the community.

    • Patty Corona |  Women Empowered (WE) Panelist | Patty is a member of a WE group. She is a community leader and a microentrepreneur. Patty is co-founder of Cocina ArteSanal, a catering company based on National City.