San Diego Global Poverty Forum

This is an engaging half-day event at Point Loma Nazarene University. It’s a TED-style event with short, high-impact presentations, dynamic panel discussions, and lively interactive Q&A that will focus on comparing the efficacy of various approaches to poverty alleviation, and how to think about the interplay between human compassion and a more data-driven approach to measuring success.

The Center for International Development annually hosts the San Diego Global Poverty Forum at PLNU, bringing together people from across the city to discuss and debate cutting-edge ideas, research, and discoveries in the field of global poverty alleviation and its intersection with the field of business. The event features presentations from leaders in the international development space, followed by an engaging question and answer session with a moderator and the audience.

The San Diego Global Poverty Forum was created to focus on cost-effective, business-oriented poverty alleviation methods, and to empower and inspire young people to consider working to break the cycle of poverty through innovative social businesses and entrepreneurship. People throughout Southern California who desire to be inspired, challenged, and gain a deeper understanding of what is working and why in the field of poverty alleviation should make attendance at this event a priority. Watch past presentations from some of our previous keynote speakers.

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