2015 San Diego Microfinance Summit

Join us for the 7th Annual San Diego Microfinance Summit

Promoting Fairness and Transparency to
Empower Microfinance Entrepreneurs

April 15, 2015 | 4:30pm – 9pm
USD – Joan B. Kroc Institute of Peace & Justice

  • Join us for an engaging evening as we explore current challenges and innovations in microfinance, focusing on prioritizing the needs of clients.
  • Evening session will include dinner and networking reception.

The 2015 San Diego Microfinance Summit brought together leading microfinance practitioners to discuss best practices surrounding the topic of client protection and client advocacy. Alex Rizzi, the Deputy Director at Smart Campaign shared valuable insights about how the principles of The Smart Campaign are being adopted by microfinance organizations around the globe to benefit entrepreneurs. The expert panel discussion gave event participants greater opportunity to understand the power of prioritizing the needs of those who benefit from microfinance-related products and services.


  • Alex Rizzi – keynote
    Deputy Director, The Smart Campaign
  • Valery Belloso – panelist
    Chief Business Development and Strategy Officer
    ACCION San Diego
  • Craig McIntosh – panelist
    Professor of Economics
    Graduate School of International Relations and Pacific Studies
    University of California, San Diego
  • Dennis Mello – panelist
    Global Program Officer, Women Powered Initiative
  • Kasra Movahedi – panelist
    Technical Advisor for Empowerment Programs
    International Rescue Committee
  • Stephen Conroy, Ph.D. – panel moderator
    Professor of Economics
    Faculty Director, Center for Peace and Commerce
    University of San Diego


  • Los Tito’s Mexican Food   |  619-475-2160
  • Red Sambusas and Catering www.redsambusas.com  |  619-245-7946

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