2011 CGI U Conference

EPTEAM Member, Oly Khowash

Some want to help poor children in India and work with victims of leprosy. Others plan to provide fresh fruits and vegetables for low-income families in San Diego County. They are some of the 200 UC San Diego students selected to attend the 2011 Clinton Global Initiative University conference on campus. In conjunction with Planned Parenthood, Oly Khowash through VOX [Voices for Planned Parenthood at UCSD] will create a program and train educators to reach teens, and also provide teens with the resources to become peer-educators themselves. In contrast to abstinence-only sex ed, VOX will create a free sex education program including information teens have asked for—conflict resolution, healthy relationship skills, and clear descriptions of contraception—not just failure rates. In addition, we will be providing information that helps keep teens safe, including how to deal with unwanted advances or forced sexual contact. The goal is to provide students with the resources to educate their peers with up-to-date information afterward. VOX is also expanding to local high school to provide teenager girls with comprehensive sex-ed seminars, which will include conflict resolution, healthy relationship skills, and clear descriptions of contraception to help them make healthy choices physically, mentally and emotionally.