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    What it means to Join the Campaign
    A Campaign is defined by the actions of its members and the Microcredit Summit Campaign is no exception. Members of the Campaign include a wide array of industry actors and stakeholders all devoted to making progress on the Campaign’s two goals of reaching 175 million of the world’s poorest with microfinance and helping 100 million families lift themselves out of extreme poverty.

    Joining the Campaign means you are ready to commit yourself or your organization to finding real and measureable solutions that support achieving these goals by joining one of the Campaign Councils.

    Campaign members are organized into 6 Councils representing the diverse sectors of society, both individual and institutions. The Councils are a powerful resource in helping to pursue member efforts to support the Campaign Goals. The Councils are headed by Co-Chairs and Advisors who represent institutions that have demonstrated their commitment to these two goals. Co-Chairs and Advisors assist in bringing an understanding of microfinance to stakeholders in their sector, aid in the enlistment of new members to the Council, and provide guidance to the Campaign and their Council members.

    Campaign Councils are grouped as:  1) Microfinance Practitioners & Associations, 2) Advocates & Support Organizations, 3) Policy Makers, 4) Funders & Investors, 5) Researchers & Academic Institutions, and 6) Heads of State & Government.

    To see a full list of the Councils and decide which is right for you, click here.