Feb 22, 2013: TEDx Ashoka U

TEDx Ashoka U

The Ashoka U Exchange is the largest global gathering for social entrepreneurship education, bringing together 650 individuals representing over 150 institutions from 40 countries. The San Diego Microfinance Alliance SDMFA and EPTEAM are partnering with Ashoka to connect San Diego’s microfinance innovators, practitioners and past SDMFA summit participants with national and global change-makers. It will be an excellent opportunity to network with great social change-makers and leaders, as well as with our community members.

Designed as an independently organized TED event on the evening of February 22, 2013 (5pm-7pm at the Balboa Theatre), the TEDx talk will feature leaders speaking on the topic of “Find Your Place in the Universe”, including a microfinance expert, Chris Crane. http://edify.org


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